Six Ways To Assure Dynamite Radio Interviews

Radio is the ultimate amplifier of human conversation.

Here are six points to keep in mind when you’re getting ready for a live or taped radio interview.

  1. Prepare, prepare, prepare: Your interviewer will have an agenda, you should too. You have a right to your messages. Make sure you know them and can recite them concisely, with confidence and using active verbiage.
  2. Look for models: Listen to radio interviews. Who impresses you? Can you identify what they do that attracts you or makes them believable? Can you tailor your answers the way they do?
  3. Picture your audience: Can you create a mental image of the people you’re trying to reach? That’s right, one person. Now, talk to that person in second person singular: “You.” Have you ever listened to Paul Harvey? His numbers in the millions, but he talks to every single one of them individually.
  4. Pump Up: On radio, your voice is all you have to communicate. Animate. Get your energy level up. Project enthusiasm.
  5. Take advantage of your nervous energy: Stage fright? That’s okay. Just use those nerves to your advantage. Channel them. Convert them to enthusiasm. Then, your body will catch up with your brain; the anxiety will disappear and the genuine energy will emerge. View every question as an opportunity, a bridge, to your messages.
  6. Move your messages: Get to the point. Time is short. Rarely can you build a case. Radio is a headline service. Listeners are facing many different distractions. Think of each message point you developed and boil it down to 15 seconds or less. Add explanatory detail if there is time, but get your messages across first.

Matt Heintz

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